About Us

The firm was created in 2007 in Paris, with an original goal: to combine a double culture (Business Development & HR) offering companies a professional network and a cultural proximity on the Africa-Mediterranean-Europe axis. The aim is also to support these firms in their international development plans.

Elecio Consulting’s experts and consultants are all former executives or managers of international standing. They advise, train, coach and support their clients by sharing their rich experience in consulting, headhunting and training, acquired throughout their high-profile careers.


Freedom, Autonomy

We are free spirits, with independent personalities. That is the reason
why we attach such fundamental importance to our freedom of action:
the power to choose our missions, our partners, our clients, as well as
the subjects on which we wish to intervene, freely.

Our experience and our knowledge are fully put to use in each of the
missions we undertake, but we ensure that they do not lock us into a
straitjacket. Thus, our spirit remains open to innovation, so as to offer our clients the services that can best address each of their needs.

What we have done in the past does not foreshow what we will do in
the future: that too is what being free is all about.

Ce que nous avons fait dans le passé ne préjuge pas de ce que nous
ferons dans le futur : c’est cela aussi, être libre.



Trust is the mother of all positive and effective actions. This
indispensable value is reflected in our missions by the climate of trust
we establish with our clients, for the benefit of all.

Strongly committed to being worthy of our clients’ trust, we attach the
utmost importance to integrity, respect and the correct outcome of our
missions. That is how we create trust, based on the solid principles of
cooperation, efficiency and pragmatism.


Conduct opportunity studies for the
deployment of offshore strategies

Optimize the implementation of
offshore strategies in the African-Middle Eastern zone

Identify acquisition or partnership
targets in new economies

Support the companies’ international development: using commercial intelligence, defining and implementing of a development strategy, improving commercial efficiency etc.


Identify, approach, recruit, and
follow the integration of employees into the company

Define the conditions for the successful integration of employees: remuneration, management,contractual terms, etc.

Help develop human resources in Africa and the Middle East : strategy workshops, management charters etc.


Conduct human resources development projects: assessments, skills development programs, coaching, etc.

Improve the efficiency of managers and their teams in high-stakes situations: appropriation of tools, change in practices, tense markets simulation…

Strengthen the skills of executives and key employees: strategy, management, business development, professional effectiveness…

With this goal...

1. We are committed to the quality of our interventions
We build a team for each of our missions, following the criteria of optimal skills and cultural proximity. We make it a point to always
check that you have approved our choices and have been able to assess our experts’ legitimacy. Predefined plans are also
established to ensure the quality of our services.
2. We are committed to respecting your deadlines, and the means you have initially? allocated to us
As part of the reciprocity implied by this criterion, we set up a meeting at the beginning of the project to establish a deadline and
periodic objectives. In order to avoid wasting time, the team which will be working on the project is maintained throughout its entire
implementation, according to the terms outlined in our proposal.
3. We are committed to the highest level of ethical standards
We guarantee our clients the utmost confidentiality in the performance of our missions. We make every effort to be reactive and
proactive, while remaining transparent about our capabilities. Within the framework of recruitment projects, we ensure the respect
of our charter to select the most suitable candidates.
4. We are committed to adopting pragmatic work methods
– At the project definition stage, priority is given to your priorities, while drafting an inventory of your issues and moving towards the finalization of a preliminary project.
– Once the mission is launched, our priority is efficiency, i.e. adapting our working methods and objectives to your constraints.
– Throughout the mission, our focus is on outcomes – i.e. defining the indicators of success of the project, coaching you constantly towards the desired results and aiming at your entire satisfaction in every way.

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