Elecio Consulting‘s teams act in various areas to improve your international efficiency.

Consulting in business efficiency

We put our knowledge in the commercial field at our customers’ service, for whom we have developed several offers within the framework of our strategy :

  • Commercial diagnosis of target countries
  • Advice on commercial strategy
  • Assistance in the implementation of effective prospecting plans
  • Design of management tools, evaluation of skills and sales assistance

So as to address more cross-functional needs, Elecio Consulting positions itself as a foreign development facilitator.

International coaching

Our diverse services as well as our local expertise allow us to advise you on all the stages of your internationalization process:

  • Business intelligence
  • Market and local environment studies
  • Prioritization of relevant target countries, to allow for better efficiency
  • Internationalization strategy; international business plan, international development plan and roadmap
  • Feasibility studies
  • Definition and implementation of the development strategy
  • Consulting services for the development of professional ecosystems (ICT, agriculture, agribusiness, construction & infrastructure, finance, etc.)
  • Advice on ESG criteria implementation (Environmental, Social and Governance)
  • Legal advice on local laws and best practices (through our network of specialized lawyers)

To complete these offers, our firm also assists companies in their establishment abroad.

Identification of acquisition or partnership targets, assistance with implementation

We do our utmost to ensure your structural development, within the framework of our consultancies:

  • Creation of tailor-made strategies according to each client’s individual needs
  • Search for the best prospects in terms of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Identification, qualification & advice on the choice of partnership targets (Joint Venture, co-location, distribution, commercial relay…)
  • Assistance in partnership achievement and implementation projects (industrial, commercial, technical…)
  • Ethical criteria taken into account (due diligence process, according to the objectives set)

In accordance with our values, one (single) team will be assigned to the follow-up of your project, so as to guarantee the continuity of our partnership as well as efficiency and reactivity on our side. You can learn more about our commitments by clicking here.
Nowadays, the internationalization of companies is more often than not combined with the use of local resources. Talents from Maghreb, Africa or the Middle East, with whom we have been working for more than 15 years, are the perfect example of a human potential/capital that constitutes a cultural attachment for your company. Want to know the best part? Elecio Consulting is committed to finding and coaching them, for you.

Talent search

To help you recruit top talents for your business, we have designed an OSSI® approach :


First of all, we identify the stakes for your company and the ideal candidates’ profile, together. The scope of our intervention (creation of an ad-hoc structure, strategy…) is finally discussed.


We assess the candidates following a number of pre-defined criteria and predict their risks of success or failure in the envisaged positions.


Based on the first step’s outcome, we design a pre-qualification / selection strategy adapted to your needs, your budget and the nature of the mission.


We remain by your side until the candidates are appointed to their new positions within your company and provide appropriate tools for their

We also ensure that our expertise in human resources is put at your service, sharing sound advice.

Services en Richesse Humaine

With a proven track record in talent management, we provide you with:

  • Complementary skills, through various contracts (management, provision of experts, interim management).
  • Additional resources to facilitate your work.
  • Our advice on recruitment strategies you should implement.
  • Our recommendations on the salary/wage level for international employees.
  • Our network of executives, managers and professionals in various sectors (Executive Search).

Once the recruitment strategy has been drawn up and the best candidates have been recruited (either thanks to us or independently of our services), Elecio Consulting offers you support in developing your employees’ skills.

Research Analysis

Since its establishment in 2007, Elecio Consulting has wished to position itself in the training of internationally oriented talents (high-performing, high-quality
employees)– thus offering to help you take a new step towards operational autonomy.

Training & Coaching

Elecio Consulting teams provide assistance in various aspects of talent development, to optimize your employees’ skills :

  • Development of adaptable & tailor-made training solutions (business, management, purchasing, negotiation, communication).
  • Human Resources Coaching, according to the client’s needs.
  • Management consulting in the Africa – Middle East area.

Employee follow-up

As training is just a good first step which cannot suffice alone, Elecio Consulting ensures further support and skill development through follow-up activities:

  • Reviewing the key points studied during the training sessions in order to give them a practical aspect.
  • Carrying out a post-intervention follow-up to allow for a better implementation of human resources strategies.